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Each service offered by modemnet Business Services is listed in detail below.  If you have any questions or comments regarding our services, please contact us.

Initial On-Site Estimate - When you contact modemnet to get information on our services, you are entitled to a Free, no cost estimate to determine the status of your computers or network and decide what action should be taken.  A modemnet service representative will meet you at your place of business to review your current setup and discuss with you all options available at no charge.

Custom Software CD - This professionally made CD contains all of the latest software updates such as Internet Explorer 6.0 along with many service packs, patches for programs such as Windows and Microsoft Office.  Microsoft Hotfix's along with Knowledge Base Articles are included.  This CD will be sent to you by mail and will come with no installation or support services.

System Maintenance & Upgrades - A certified Service Technician will visit your offices per request and install all needed software, hardware, and hardware drivers that you wish to have installed.  The service fee does not cover costs of purchasing the software or hardware needed to be installed.  Your business is responsible for purchasing all software prior to or at the time of the installation.  Software without a valid license or software that has not been purchased legally will NOT be installed.

Installing a New Workstation - When your business purchases a single new workstation  from Business or several workstations at once, setting up the new computers can be difficult.  With business time is money and loosing time to install a new PC yourself can be a headache and at worst, lost profits.  Our in-depth experience can solve all of that for you.  We can quickly setup any and all new workstations to have the software you want installed, connected to the network, and working on time.  No amount of workstations are a problem, we can have them installed and working within a short amount of time.

Installing a New Server - The purchase of a new server signifies your business is moving ahead in the world of Information Technology.  Your servers will be handling your email, websites, databases, data backups and more.  The installation and setup of a server is very daunting task to try.  We have successfully installed many servers for different types of companies who have different information requirements.  Our experience will guarantee you a fully working server handling all your needs and allowing for future growth of your business.  Currently only Windows NT and Windows 2000 are officially supported, Linux and Unix will be supported on a case by case review.  Contact us for more information.

Software & Hardware Diagnostic Troubleshooting - If your workstations or servers are having problems and issues that you can't seem find a cause for, we can assist you in troubleshooting them.  A certified service technician will spend time at your place of business, thoroughly investigating your software and hardware to track down and fix the problems.  Once the issues have been repaired, the service technician will spend time with your business detailing what happened to help document and repair other similar issues in the future.  Contact us for more information regarding possible out-of-date hardware & software which may not be supported.

Network Design & Layout Schematics - The design of a network is the most critical part in establishing your businesses own network.  The network must be capable of handling more than expected loads, must work efficiently, and be designed to handle double or even triple expansion in the future all without having to redesign or rebuild it.  Our previous experiences in networking has allowed for us to learn first hand what is right for a business setting.  We have in-depth training and knowledge about IP routing, remote router maintenance, network sub-netting, and IP sub-netting.

Network Implementation & Setup - The installation of the network and getting it right the first time is of the most importance.  Overlooking small details such as brand of wiring, placement of cables, or even type of network interface card can lead to major troubleshooting headaches in the future.  We understand the need for having every minor detail covered and double checked, so that your network will be a solid foundation for your business to expand and grow off of.  A certified network engineer visit your business and cover all aspects of your network install.

Network Maintenance & Upgrades - Throughout the life of your business, unexpected events happen such as expansions, mergers, adding more locations.  All of these will affect your network and how it operates in some form.  Whether your network is one we have designed and built, or if it was created by someone else we will gladly make the needed repairs or expansions and work with you on a constant basis to see that the quality of your network increases.

E-mail, Website, Domain, & Hosting Setup - Any business will confirm that the ability to communicate with partners, customers and clients is their most important need.  Those forms of communication can be email, websites, and many more.  The importance of creating and managing your own domain becomes as important as having a working telephone.  Our experience in creating and setting up domain names is second to none.  We can see that you receive your own website with working email servers and more.

Note:  Website creation and management is on a case by case situation.  Contact us for more information.

Windows NT/2000 Domain Creation & Management - With the growing need for networking in the business world, the need for security becomes greater but not at the cost of efficiency.   Windows NT/2000 Domains simplify the management and maintenance by creating a single domain and allowing a secure one time logon for all computers in the domain.  This creates a secure and simplified working environment  and allowing connections to remote servers as easy as saving a file to your hard drive.  We can design and install a Windows NT/2000 domain network giving your business this new simplified and secure environment.

Data Recovery - When hard drives fail or systems become unstable and crash, the safety of your private data is our top concern.  We can assist you in trying to recover all of the data possible from the hard drive.  Most times we are successful at salvaging data before the hard drive completely fails, although not all recovery attempts can be guaranteed.  Attempts that are unsuccessful or partially successful, only a $75 fee is applied instead of the full charge.  

  modemnet can not be held liable for the loss of any data!  It is the responsibility of the business to have data backups in place.

System Restore - Workstation and server failures/crashes no know schedule and usually happen at the worst of times.  The immediate goal is to restore the computers to working status as quick as possible without loosing as much data as possible.  We are Microsoft certified to handle repairing and fixing Windows NT/2000 without loosing user settings and data.  A hardware replacement is not usually necessary.

Note:  modemnet can not be held liable for the loss of any data!  It is the responsibility of the business to have data backups in place.