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Each service offered by modemnet Consumer Services is listed in detail below.  If you have any questions or comments regarding our services, please contact us.

Initial visit to review your system and get estimate - When you contact modemnet to get information on our services, you are entitled to a free, no cost estimate to determine the status of your computer and decide what action should be taken.  A certified Service Technician will visit your home or place of residence, review & look over your computer and make a decision there at no charge to you.

Software CD with Latest Software Updates - This professionally made CD contains all of the latest software updates such as Internet Explorer 6.0 along with many service packs, patches for programs such as Windows and Microsoft Office.  Free popular shareware utilities, chat programs and instant messengers are included.  This CD will be sent to you by mail and will come with no installation or support services.

Software Installation, Updates & Re-installation - A certified Service Technician will visit your home or place of residence and install all needed software you wish to have installed.  The service fee does not cover costs of purchasing the software needed to be installed.  The customer is responsible for purchasing all software prior to or at the time of the installation.  Software without a valid license or software that has not been purchased legally will NOT be installed.

Expansion Card or Component Add-on - If you purchase a piece of hardware and are unsure about how to install it and make it work, a modemnet Service Technician will visit your home or place of residence and install the needed hardware.  The fee covers physically installing the hardware inside the computer and installing all associated software/drivers for the hardware.  All major hardware upgrades are covered under this service:  hard drives, CD-Rom, RAM, scanners, digital cameras, modems, video cards, sound cards, network adapters, speakers, and more.  The service fee does not cover cost of purchasing the hardware.

Moving the Computer to a New Location - If you decide to move the physical location of the computer either due to moving, home remodeling, and are not sure about what to do or how to move the computer, a modemnet Service Technician is here to assist you.  The technician will take care of moving the computer, reconnecting all wires, and making sure the computer is fully functional before leaving.  

:  Please make sure you plan for internet and phone wiring before moving, wiring is not included with this service.

Installing a New System - When you purchase your new computer from Home or Compaq, HP from local store, setting up the new computer is sometimes difficult.  A certified Service Technician will arrive at your home and guide you through unpacking the computer and plugging it in.  The technician will also spend time with you to remove factory software and settings, update to the newest drivers and software in order to get your new computer optimized for you and your family.

Software & Hardware Diagnostic Troubleshooting - If your computer is having strange and unidentifiable problems that seem to appear and then vanish just as fast, we can assist in troubleshooting your computer.  Our service technicians are CompTIA A+ certified in dealing with hardware troubleshooting and Microsoft Windows support.  A technician will visit your home or you can drop off your computer at our labs, and we will thoroughly investigate your computer making sure it is fixed the first time.

Out-of-Date Software Hardware Support - modemnet Technologies offers limited technical support for software and hardware that is considered outdated or that the manufacturers no longer support.  To be considered outdated, the software or hardware manufacturer must have stopped producing and supporting the product themselves.  For example, hardware earlier than "Pentium 1's" such as 386/486 are classified as outdated and software such as DOS, Windows 3.1x, and others earlier then Windows 98 is out-of-date.  Contact modemnet to check if your hardware software is out-of-date.

Motherboard Installation - If you have purchased a motherboard that needs installing or replaced, a modemnet Service Technician will assist you in removing and replacing the motherboard.  Due to the significant difficulty of replacing the motherboard and ensuring the new motherboard works, this service entails a higher charge then general hardware installation.  The A+ certified service technician will use our experience in making sure your new motherboard works flawlessly with all of your current hardware and software.

Operating System (OS) Install or Upgrade - With new operating systems being released yearly to support new technologies and features, upgrading an Operating System is sometimes an absolute need.  Our in-depth experience with Microsoft Windows will allow a service technician to bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to install or upgrade your computer's operating system successfully.  We officially support Windows 98, Windows Me (Millennium Edition) Windows NT4 Workstation, Windows 2000 Professional,  WindowsXP Home, and WindowsXP Professional.  

Note:  Macintosh support is on a customer by customer basis.

Data Recovery & System Restore - When hard drives fail or systems become unstable and crashes, the safety of your personal data is your top concern.  We can assist you in trying to recover all of the data possible from the hard drive.  Most times we are successful at salvaging data before the hard drive completely fails, although not all recovery attempts can be guaranteed successful.  Attempts that are unsuccessful, only a $25.00 fee is applied instead of the full charge.  

Note:  modemnet Technologies will not be held liable or responsible for loss of personal data!  It is your responsibility to have backups of your data.