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With small and medium sized businesses seeing themselves rely on Information Technology now more than ever, most don't have adequate systems or people in place to manage their technology needs.  modemnet Business Services takes on the role of your IT department by managing and administering your systems & networks while keeping your data secure and it's integrity at it's highest.

Our experience in business computing allows for us to design and implement a solution around your business that simplifies I.T. management and enhances productivity.  File & print sharing becomes easier, user management & permissions become centralized, and remote access becomes a reality.  No matter whether your business is a 
developing e-commerce business or an established local icon, we provide Microsoft based solutions designed to fit you.

Standard Business Services

Some businesses in today's market find themselves relying less on information technology than others, and don't have the need for a complete solution. For these businesses we have our Standard Business Services that allow your small business to receive the exact service you want at a lower fee without the other unnecessary services that your business doesn't need.

Customized Business Solutions

If your business has a small or growing office, the issues of email, file sharing, and data safety all become top priority.  A certified engineer will visit your business and work with everyone to design and implement a solution that meets your needs and leaves plenty of room for future growth.  Options such as remote or onsite maintenance allows you to choose us to be your Information System's home away from home.

Localized Solutions - Smaller and more localized businesses have less of a need for wide area network connectivity to remote sites, than for simple file sharing, internet browsing, email, and data backup.  We have extensive experience in designing and building networks to allow for employee's to become more productive and allow for future growth at little extra cost.  The focus is entirely on us becoming your businesses mobile Information Systems department.  Contact us for more information.

Corporate Solutions - When the need arises for a full scale, multi-server, operating environment, we have the knowledge, ability, and experience to fulfill that request by the customer.  We can setup a fully segmented network giving departments separate intra-net bandwidth they need, create and maintain workstations, servers and network connections. Reliability is the main focus with our Corporate Solutions.  Your network uptime becomes as important to us as our very own network.  Contact us to learn more.

*   CD by mail only.  This does not include Service Technician installing the updates.
  Does not include a $70 two year service charge applied by Network Solutions/Verisign.
  We are not responsible for lost or unrecoverable data.  User is expected to have backups.
  Unsuccessful Data Recovery attempts result in a $75.00 fee instead of the normal $175.00.