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In today's world the having the internet and being connected is just as important as needing a telephone in your home.  Homes and businesses are getting access to the internet in ways we would have never imagined five years ago.  "Smart Homes" wired for constant networkability through broadband are becoming more prevalent and businesses are finding themselves in need of bigger and faster connections among their remote and local sites.

The basis of all modemnet services are established around networking and achieving the goal of getting you connected to wherever you need to be.  If your a home user this means getting your new cable or xDSL connection networked properly, installed and setup between the family  
computers.  If your a small or medium sized business this most likely means working with your communications provider to get a tiered network line installed, router configured, and designing and implementing the network.  Our experience and knowledge gives us the advantage to be your networking solutions provider.

Networking Security   

Code-Red, hackers, viruses, and trojans are all terms that most of us have heard recently.  As popular as the internet is and as fast as it is growing, the biggest problem at hand for every network and PC connected to the internet is security and how to be safe.  In recent years hacking of all levels has been on a significant rise catching the most professional business as well as the every day home user off guard.  

The topic of hacking and security issues will only become more important as the homes and businesses rely more on the internet and being 
connected to one another.  This will require more  attention by system administrators and home users everywhere.  We will work hard with you and your telecom provider or phone company to prevent denial of service attacks (DDoS), as well as check and secure your network to prevent unauthorized users gaining unauthorized access.

Solutions That Fit Your Needs

Home Networking Solutions - Years ago 56k dialup service was the fastest internet speed for home users and most small businesses.  Today with software nearly tripling in size, new features such as streaming video and online gaming, the 56k technology is just unable to meet the demand.  In it's place DSL, cable, and wireless connections have stepped up allowing speeds that only corporate businesses could once receive.  Modemnet Technologies can make your home broadband ready with our expert service and knowledge on installing and setting up your network.  We make sure your connection is secure and safe from hackers and would be intruders.  Contact us for more information.

Business Networking Solutions - As your business grows, the need for networked printing, file sharing, and off-site connections become more vital.  Each employee needs email as much as they do their telephone.  We strive to take notice of each detail, from the servers we choose to the placement of the cabling.  Your business will receive an expandable and reliable network to conduct business on without fear or worry of being unable to communicate with your customers.  Visit the links below to see what networking option best fits your needs.  Contact us if you wish to receive more information about our Business Networking Solutions.