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Tuesday, August 09, 2022 
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Finally, Linux for the Desktop?

(continued from page 2)

The final but most important area that I wanted to cover was the usability and the ability to configure Desktop/LX to my personal liking.  The Lycoris desktop itself is very clean containing icons that are familiar to everyone, and allow for a starting point of navigating throughout the entire operating system.  Only four icons exist on the desktop; My Linux System, Network Browser, Personal Files, and Recycle Bin.  Again, just like before, these icons are very similar in naming and purpose to that of the icons on the Windows desktop.

Also something inside of Desktop/LX is something new to Linux.  In prior versions and distributions, there has not been a separate area for system configuration.  Users normally relied on going to the "start" menu and finding some sort of configuration tool there.  Now with Desktop/LX there is a Control Center that contains everything related to system configuration.  There are separate categories for User Management, Desktop & Appearance, Install Software, Sound & Multimedia, and many more.  This now creates a central area where all system configuration and user preferences can be made with relative ease.

Several people have asked me, what programs does Lycoris Desktop/LX contain or are there any of my favorite packages such as Gnome and Enlightenment?  The Lycoris Desktop/LX that I installed was the most recent Update 2, Build 46 release on July 30th on the Lycoris website.  The default installation contains quite a list of installed software: KDE 2.2.2 desktop, Konqueror 2.2.1 File Manager, Mozilla web browser 1.0, gFTP 2.0.8, LICQ 1.0.2, Koffice 1.1.1, Gimp image editor 1.2, RealPlayer 8.0, Xine media player 0.9.6, Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0.5, KOnCD CD burning software 1.0rc2, and many more software packages too numerous to name.

It should be noted that Desktop/LX caters to inexperienced computer users and power users alike.  If you are someone who enjoys compiling your own modules into the kernel and running server based applications, Lycoris Desktop/LX is probably not for you.  Desktop/LX is aimed specifically at the user who just wants to install it and have it work right away.

There is a lot more that could be said about Lycoris Desktop/LX, but I believe everything can be summed up into a single phrase.  Lycoris Desktop/LX is a true desktop Linux OS that is easy to install, easy to use, but most importantly it just works.  Lycoris has done a tremendous job in taking Linux and making it into an easy to use desktop centered operating system.  Although Lycoris has come a great distance, they still have a lot to improve upon and a great distance yet to go before they will be in direct competition with Mac OS X and Windows XP. 

As for me, I will continue to use Lycoris Desktop/LX on one of my other machines.  In just the few days I have used it and explored its features, I have become attached to using a version of Linux that needs little configuration and works immediately after installing.  This may be an avenue for me to research for future customers.  Offering them an alternative to Windows if they request it without having such a huge learning curve that is required with other major distributions.  I am definitely excited at the opportunities that Lycoris is going to present desktop users in the coming future.  As long as Lycoris can continue to add improvements to Desktop/LX as well as start distributing Desktop/LX via the OEM market, they stand a excellent chance of succeeding and giving Microsoft and Apple a run for their money.

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