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Sunday, December 10, 2023 
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Enter your nickname and press "Chat Now" to begin chatting.
Only letters A-Z, and numbers 0-9 are allowed in a nickname.

- A nickname is required to chat.

Rules for Chat

  1. Do not insult, degrade, discriminate, or harass any other chatters.

  2. Pornography and sexual content & discussions are strictly forbidden.  This is a PG rated chat server.

  3. Do not give out personal information such as phone numbers and addresses.

  4. Be courteous and show respect to other users.

NOTE: All chat rooms are monitored and or moderated on a constant basis. Breaking any of the rules can result in being banned from certain rooms or possibly being banned from the server. Due to the nature of this website, we cater to people as young as age 13 and younger. Please watch the manner of your chat at all times.