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Monday, May 20, 2024 
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Learn more about the products and services that we offer to local residents and small businesses
of the eastern West Virginia and northern Virginia areas.  Find out if such services as Networking Solutions, Professional Consulting, and others are what you need to meet your growing demand for quality service provided by expert technicians.  Contact us to review your needs for today and your planned expectations for tomorrow.  

Choose one of the following service categories below that best fits your needs and requirements.

   Free WebMail
Sign up today for a Free modemnet WebMail account and receive 6MB of space in your own permanent email account.  You will have the ability to check your email from anywhere in the world from any computer.  Unlike other email providers that limit your inbox size to 2MB or less, modemnet WebMail offers a larger account for storing up to three times as much mail as popular services as MSN Hotmail and Yahoo Mail.

   Consumer Services
Does the family computer need major upgrades or do you just need a second computer?  modemnet Consumer Services is here to help your family decide on what direction it wants to take.  We offer top quality on-site services to upgrade your old PC, repair your computer, or install the brand new Dell Home system you just purchased.  Unsure of how to use that new Dell?  With our basic PC lessons we will teach you everything you need to know on how to use and maintain your new PC.

   Business Services
With small and medium sized businesses seeing themselves rely on Information Technology  now more than ever, most don't have adequate systems or people in place to manage their I.T. needs.  modemnet Business Services takes the role of your IT department by managing and administering your systems and networks while keeping your data's integrity at it's highest.  Our expert service will provide the quality IT service your business needs without hiring an entire IT department. 

   Networking Solutions
Whether you are a home user or a business, if you are looking to get a network built to connect two or more computers, our Networking Solutions can help you do it.  Designed from the ground up, your network will be cost effective, expandable, and built to fit your needs.  Our experience in networking will provide you with a high-speed network capable of always on internet, fast email, and the ability to share files and music.

   PC/Network Consulting
Too many names like Pentiums, gigahertz, motherboards, xDSL, and such confusing you?  Does your business need a independent opinion about a planned upgrade?  We will sit down with you or your business and sift through the mountains of technical information and advise you based on what you need to make the right purchases and decisions.   

   eBay Auctions
Bid on or purchase computer hardware, software or PC related items we are currently selling on eBay.  Compete with other bidders to win a auction, leave feedback, or check in to see what new items are up for bid.